Audi Performance Suspension by Eibach

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Eibach Pro Kit - Audi A1

Performance Lowering Springs
Audi A1 (8X1, 8XK) 1.4 TFSi, 1.6 TDI
Year: 05/10-Onward
Part-No: E10-15-014-02-22
Eibach Pro Kit - Audi A4 Sedan (B8)

Audi A4 Sedan (B8) S4 quattro, 3.2 TFSI Quattro, 3.0 TDI Quattro
Year: 11/07-Onward
Part-No: E10-15-011-02-22
Eibach Pro Kit - Audi A4 Sedan (B8)

Audi A4 Sedan (B8) 1.8 TFSI, 2.0TDI, 2.0TFSI
Year: 11/07-Onward
Part-No: E10-15-011-01-22
Eibach Pro Damper - Audi A3 (8P)

Audi A3 (8P) 1.6, 1.6Fsi, 1.8T, 2.0Fsi, 1.9Tdi, 2.0Tdi (all without quattro)
Year: 05/03-04/012
Audi A3 1.6, 1.6Fsi, 1.8T, 2.0Fsi, 1.9Tdi, 2.0Tdi (all with...
Part-No: E60-15-007-02-22
Eibach Pro Damper - Audi A4 B6 & Audi A4 (8E)

Audi A4 B6 (8E) Sedan 1.6, 1.8T, 2.0, 2.0Tfsi, 2.4, 3.0, 3.0Tfsi, 1.9Tdi, 2.5Tdi, 2.7Tdi, 3.0Tdi (all without quattro)
Year: 11/00>Onward
Audi A4 (8E) Sedan...
Part-No: E60-15-006-01-22
Eibach Pro Damper - Audi A6 (B4), VW Passat Sedan & S/Wagon

Audi A6 (B4) Sedan and Station Wagon (all without quattro)
Year: 04/97-10/00
Volkswagen Passat Sedan and Station Wagon 1.6, 1.8, 1.8T, 2.0, 2.3VR5, 2.8V6,...
Part-No: E1558-840
Eibach Pro Damper Rear - Audi A6 (4B) Sedan Quattro

REAR Shock Absorbers - Audi A6 (4B) Sedan Quattro models 1.8T, 2.4, 2.7T, 2.8, 3.0, 1.9Tdi, 2.5Tdi,
Year: 02/97-10/00 (Limited Stock)
Audi A6 (4B) Wagon Quattro...
Part-No: E61-15-005-03 HA x 2
Eibach Pro Spacer

Suites various Audi & Volkswagen Models A3, A4, TT, Golf, Bora, Passat
Total Track Widening 10 mm
Sold as a pair to widen one track
Part-No: S90-1-05-006

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